The Purpose of Student Association

    The purpose of this association is to enhance the fashion of academic research, to improve the ability of self-discipline by holding different dynamic or static activities, to enhance the amity between the department teachers and the students, and to improve the student's understanding and acquaintance of current Long-Term Care trend and information. The students in Bachelor Degree Program of Long-Term Care are naturally the members of association, the members of association have the following responsibilities:

  1. Obeying the organization rule and the resolution of the association convention and having the responsibilities to help promoting the association activities.
  2. Paying the member fee by the regulation of association.

   The members of association have the following rights:

  1. The members have the rights of voting, election, and deposition.
  2. The members have the rights to participate any activity of association.

   The members don't have the rights in association if they don't pay the membership fee by the regulation of association. The supreme power apparatus is the association convention, the convention consists of every association members. This association has one president, and the president of association is elected before the middle exam of the spring semester for every school year. The president's term of office is one year, is elected by all association members by secret ballot. The vice-president is elected in collocation with the president.