medium and long term development plan 

  Department    Characteristics   

1.  Become the personnel training center of health business administration in the southern region

2. Become the health management consulting and teaching and research center in the southern region

3. Become the health business administration industrial and academic cooperation research center

4. Become the database management center of the health industry service and marketing operation in the

   southern  region

 HBADevelepment頁面插圖Response to Match Future Trends
1.Enhance educational stratery consociation with medical industry
2.Increase and implement sandwich learning courses
3.Establish healthcare administration related certificate courses
4.Organize practical and professional seminar lecture
HBADevelepment頁面插圖Establishment to Match Knowledge Development and Technical Improvement
1.Improve students' ability  on second foreign language
2.Develop E-learning courses
3.Enhance students'  ability  on  software and information system
4.Enhance students'  ability  on  scientific research