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Educational goals

    The courses are designed to encompass three major fields of long-term care system including Home care, Nursing home, and Institution care. The distinctive features of the education of Bachelor Degree Program of Long-Term Care include:

1. Integrating humanities, professional theories and professional knowledge in the curricula.

2. Applying teaching strategies and approaches to enhance students' capability in critical thinking and problem-solving.


   The objectives of the Bachelor Degree Program of Long-Term Care are, firstly to combine both theory and practice into courses to build up students' ability in Long-Term Care for elderly and patients with chronic illness; and secondly, to enhance the nurses' and managers' professional knowledge, internationalization concept, and ability of integrating and coordinating resource of Long-Term care.


Class's Characters

    Our class combines with Nursing, Social work, Medical, Pharmacology, Psychology, Public health, and so on. This program also emphasizes practice and theories in teaching and researching. At the same time, the course's plan including care, policy, management, in the community and institution.


Future Vision

    The Bachelor Degree Program of Long-Term Care emphasizes the suitable learning design to focus on case study and offshore practicing to open the eyesight of the undergraduate students. In addition, the future vision of this program is following:

·   To push forward a cooperation for both the industry and the educational institution of Long-term Care.  

·   To open up students' further education opportunity and to get a job.

·   To establish a research center of care for aged people and chronic illness.

·   To increase the student's practice ability and the channel to work.

·   To apply for an academic master degree of the graduate institute for Long-Term care

·   To establish an industrial service center for Long-Term Care to provide students and teachers with a discussion environment.

    To build up a studying environment with the diversification and use the resource from the other teaching group and system.