pic of office
pic of office


 In order to advance our student's skill and knowledge of Long-Term .Care, besides some facilities in Nursing Department and the Department of Social Work, we also have some facilities in the Industrial Service Center for Long-Term Care office, such as:

1.Oximeter, one set

2.Fatness Measuring Monitor, one set

3.Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor, one set

4.Grip Strength Measuring Monitor, one set

5.Stop Watch, one set

6.Goniorneters, one set

7.Trunk Flexibility Measuring, one set

8.Spirometer, one set

9.Patient Monitor, one set10.Senior Simulator, one set

11.Stroke Simulator, one set

12.ADL Assists, one set

13.ETAC Folding Stoching Aid, one set

14.Reacher with Power Grip and Hook, one set

15.ETAC Lightweight Reacher with Non-slip Jaws, one set

ETAC Reacher with Grip and Hook, one set



  模擬中風體驗組                       模擬高齡者體驗裝置