1. What is required from new recruits (faculty and employees)?

    A. Faculty

Please report to the personnel office within 10 days after the employment contract has been confirmed to receive the “welcome package”, and return the requested material within 1 week to process salary and insurance related matters.

    B. Administrative Assistants

Please report to the personnel office on the date notified.  The materials in the welcome package need to be returned within 1 week.

     Preparation of documents: 1. Bank account number;  2. Resume;  3. Academic Diploma;    

     4.Government-issued Personal Identification Card; 5. two 2 inch photos.


2. What methods can a faculty member be promoted?

A: review and evaluation of 1. doctorate degree; 2. journal publication; 3. technical report or performance


3: What types of salaries are available to faculty?

A: base salary, academic research compensation, mentor compensation, and administrative management compensation.


4. What types of insurance benefits are there for school faculty and employees?

A:  1. Civil Servants and Teachers Insurance; 2. National Health Insurance.


5. What does Civil Servants and Teachers Employees Insurance cover?

A:  1. Old-age Benefits            2. Disability Subsidy

     3. Death Subsidy               4. Dependents Funeral Subsidy


6. Who pays for one's National Health Insurance?

A: Personal 30%, 35% by the school , and 35% thru government subsidy.


Last updated:1/14/2016