MeiHo College was established in 1996. In August, 1995, the Department of Early Chidhood Care and Education was launched as a 2-year college program in Meiho and two classes of new students were enrolled. In 1996, the department set up the Continuing Edusation Extension to matriculate five classes of presschool teachers to study at night.


In 2002,the department was further upgraded and allowed to enroll students for both four-year and two-year programs. Throughout the years,this department has developed into an important institution to meet the needs of the society in educating students and in-service teachers with the professinoal knowledge and expertise in the field of early childhood care and education.


To keep abreast of the societal change, the department was renamed as the "Department of Child Service" in 2012. The main purpose of this change is to cultivate more well-prepared manpower in the field of child industry.


Our Missions

Our department has set up three teaching objectives in accordance to the upcoming needs in the field of early childhood care and education:

1.      To improve student's professional knowledge and practical skills in early childhood care and education.

2.      To equip students with capabilities both to teach young children, serve society and to answer the call for a multi-dimensional care and education for young children.

3.      To cultivate student's good character and to promote professional, ethical, and committed attitudes.


Our Features

In view of the trend for a professional and diversified education for early childhood care-givers, we emphasize the development of students' capabilities in providing services of quality to society. In addition to the required professional knowledge and skills, our faculty strives to equip our students with humanistic, caring, and ethical character. Several features of our department enabling us to better meet the needs of society and profession are:


1.      The recruitment of qualified, professional and experienced teachers.

2.      The continuing betterment of facilities and equipments of our department.

3.      The implementation of the refined instructionby our faculty.

4.      The induction of the three-step student practicum that includesSite visitingvolunteeringàInterest evaluation and try-outsàSite practicum

5.      The pleasant atmosphere developed between students and our faculty, serving as the hidden curriculum for our students.




Our Visions


In view of the trend for a professional and diversified education for early childhood care-givers, we emphasize the development of students' capabilities in providing services of quality to communities and to our society.  We use a Four-Step Student Teaching Practicum of site-visiting, volunteering, interest evaluation and try-outs, and site practical trainingto help our students cultivate aptitudes and capabilities for their professional careers, such as working in After-school programs, Art and Talent Advancement Centers, and other child-related industries. Our staff also actively seeks opportunities to sign cooperation contracts with various institutions and industries, domestically and abroad alike, for our students to practice and/or to get job opportunities.

In addition to the required professional knowledge and skills, several courses such as "Infant and toddler massage" and " Development in Child Industry" are added after changing the department title to the "Department of Child Service." These new courses expand students' job market to include the arena of after-school programs.


        Several strategies are also taken to enable us better meet the needs of our students and accomplish our missions. These strategies include, but not limited to, the following:

1. Expanding students career opportunities in child industry, establishing the national accredited examination site for qualified baby-sitters,

2. Building in-family care and service assistance system network by collecting information and knowhow in the filed of child industry, integrating are industrial resources with expertise of our staff to get more industry-academia cooperation opportunities.

3. Signing cooperation contracts with institutions and industries for students' job and career choices, enhancing students' working capabilities to meet the needs of the industry.

4. Actively seeking cooperation opportunities with renowned international institutions and organizations in the field of child care and service, especially in the areas of Japan and mainland China.

5. Conducting training courses for baby-sitters in the community, cooperating with various institutions and organizations of child care and service.

6. Promoting walk-into-the-community service to provide good and needed services to the child and child related industry in our community.


All these strategies are deliberately designed to ensure a smooth transition for this department, to connect theories and practices in child care and service, and to prepare our students for a better career in the coming future.




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