The curriculum plans

  Originally is the first study yearly average arrangement has the computer to be connected the curriculum, starts, the human behavior and the social environment, the psychology, the social work introduction from the computer introduction, and teaching media manufacture foundation curriculum and so on the management study.Moreover is passing knows the curriculum to be consistent with the common subject according to the stipulation with the common college course, establishes the old person to serve the enterprise management is the student the common knowledge standard.

  The second school year besides strengthens passes knows the curriculum, starts to serve, curriculum and so on psychological counselling in view of the old person, document work, association work, community work, duty field ethics, promotes the student regarding the old person attendance and specialty of the psychological

counselling service.

  Third, four school years of besides continue to strengthen of  specialist training attendance of and the psychological service the second year, in view of the old personleisure and the profession plan, the old person nutrition, the plan plan manages the solid service, the social work research, the community attendance and the social policy and so on the related curriculum. For promotes the student to get employed in addition the ability and the strength, originally is design the curriculum also faces the multiplex development, and so on the multi- gates takes as an elective the curriculum including the organization management management topic, and handles "the practice teaching" with various old people service organization cooperation the curriculum, thecurriculum multiplex design, enters the duty field work to the student or takes advanced courses to the research institute provides the full preparation.


Curriculum plan

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Extension course institute two techniques

Chinese and English to photoengraving

Chinese and English to photoengraving

Chinese and English to photoengraving

Chinese and English to photoengraving


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