How do I find out whether or not the library has the materials I need?

Please go to Library website, then select “Library Online Catalog” to search if the Library has the book, journal, or multimedia material you are looking for. If the material you are looking for is already checked out, you can place it on hold.

How do I borrow / return materials?

1. Bring the books you want to borrow with the valid Cards (e.g., Student's Registration Card, Employee Card) to check out at the circulation desk.

2. You can return borrowed items at the circulation desk when the library is opened. When the circulation desk is closed, you can return them by using the return box. While the CD-ROMs or disks cannot be returned this way. This is very important!!

The material I want is already checked out. How can I place a hold on it?  
When you want a book that is currently checked out, with your own ID number and PIN, you may request a recall or hold for the item directly from the library catalog by self service. Click on the “Accession No.” of the material you would like to place a hold, and you will be notified by email when the material is returned to the library. Go to the circulation counter on the 1st floor of the library to pick up the materials, and remember to bring your library card. You must pick up your materials within 3 days after being notified lest there be any violation.

The library online catalog shows that the material is available, but I am unable to find the material on the library shelves. What should I do?

Please fill out the “Missing Items search form" Circulation staff will search for the materials once per week. You will be notified by phone or e-mail when the item is found. If the Library is unable to locate the item within 4 weeks, you will be notified that it is a lost item.

How do you determine the return date for books that are returned in the Book Return Box?

If you return a book into the Book Return Box after library hours, it will not be retrieved by our staff until the next day. This is also when your circulation record will be updated. Therefore, the return date for books that are returned into the Book Return Box would be the day your record is updated, not necessarily the day you return them. Please make sure that your books are returned as early as possible to avoid fines as a result of overdue returns.

The Book Return Box is there for the convenience of patrons after library hours. The book return procedure is not complete at the time of the drop off. Please log onto the library web page to check your record on the next working day or check with the library where you returned the book to make sure that your book return procedure is complete.

How are late fees calculated?

A late fee of NT$2 per item per day will be imposed on books from the general collection. National holidays, and days that the library is not open are not counted.

How do I pay my late fees?

Your late fees may be paid when you return overdue books. If you do not have enough cash with you, you may choose to pay some other day. You will not be able to borrow books if your late fees are not cleared. Late fees may be paid at the Circulation service Desk during open hours.

What should I do if the library does not own the book?

If the library does not own what you need, you can request the book through Interlibrary Loan or Nationwide Document Delivery Services.

To see which library owns the book you need, you can search individual library catalog. However, it is better to use Union Catalogs of National Bibliographic Information Network (NBINet). The way to search this tool is the same as searching  MHL WebOPAC, and you can learn which library owns the book from the search results.

Where are the Newspapers?

Newspapers in domestic and foreign languages are kept in the Newspapers Reading Section on the 2st floor.

Where are the periodicals?

1. If the title of the periodical is known, please search for it by title in the online catalog.

2. If no specific periodical is on you mind and you would like to read about a certain genre, first search by keyword. Enter the word and select “Journals.”

Current periodicals of Western languages are shelved in alphabetical order, while Chinese and Japanese periodicals are shelved by the number of strokes of title.
All current issues of the periodicals are kept in the Periodicals Reading Section on the 3st floor .
Back issues of the periodicals are shelved by Call Number on the 3th floor.

How do I view my own library records ?

You can view your own library records at the Library Catalog System ( or the first time you view your library record, the system will request you to fill in your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN should also be filled in every time thereafter.

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

Please bring your student ID or Employee ID Card to the circulation counter during regular library hours and we will be glad to help you reset your password.

How do I use Library, Meiho University e-resources from home or the office?

The Library is pleased to announce the launch of the cross-database search interface, MUSE Search, for simplifying the utilization of e-resources available in MEIHO UNIVERSITY.

All  Meiho members are encouraged to logon the website ( and exploit online resources.


1. Faculty and staffs Meiho employee ID  numbers (10 digi numbers).

2. Students  Students ID numbers,  followed by a check number ("-1" for a replacement card issued first time, "-2" issued second time, and so on)


1.  Default Password is personal ID numbers (Letters capitalized).

2. Overseas Chinese Students Students ID numbers.

What are Interlibrary loan?

Materials unavailable in the Library, Meiho University often may be obtained from other libraries or document delivery sources.  All MEIHO UNIVERSITY faculty, students and staff may use the "ILL SYSTEM"to access the "Interlibrary Loan service .

Last updated:10/12/2015