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Title:School Values and Educational Goals

I.   To transform the shut down crisis of universities and colleges of technology into progressive force
        The technological and vocational education has been positioned on training the skilled entry-level workers to fulfill the demand of industries in the past in Taiwan.  The technological and vocational education has to be transformed to keep pace with national economic growth, industry changes, social needs, and technological advancement. MeiHo University (MU) not only promotes the advantages of medicine and nursing management areas but also focus on the “Licenses First, Employment Next” strategy to outperform other competitors and to forge a unique educational character for the institute. To facilitate the transformation, MU proposes a concrete strategy of “2006 MIT-Taiwan Double Plan”, including campus expansion (by acquiring nearby land), and equipment and hardware upgrade (by constructing a new Health care, Nursing, and Biotech Building, by expanding the library area and by increasing the book collection).  Meanwhile, MU insists on maintaining the population of students so that teachers and students can acquire adequate resources.  In addition, MU continues to recruit new professors to expand the quantity and quality of projects and research.  This strategy became a success in a short period of time.  The ratio of teachers with a position beyond assistant professor to all teachers has increased from 22% in year 2002 to 45% in the beginning of year 2006 and has reached the goal ratio of 50.4% in August 2006.         
   MU has had fruitful achievement in constructing an E-Learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with a projector, a screen, a computer system and Internet capability.  To promote the in-campus “Internet-Aid Teaching Program”, MU employs  information technology and management knowledge to integrate the resources of related departments to develop a global management system.  MU also cooperates with Institute for Information Industry to encourage teachers to attend the training courses offered by Institute for Information Industry to acquire the professional licenses of multi-media, Windows Operating system, Internet and communication, object-oriented programming design, database management, and information system planning etc, so that to implement the educational goal of training information staff.  
. To manifest the advantageous position of our professionals in the Health care and Nursing field and ensure the future employment ability
MeiHo University has been recognized as having an advantageous position in the nursing education, therefore the school has established the College of Health care which includes the Medical-Nursing group and the Biological Science and Technology group to retain that position.  The College of Health Care has established a campus-based community health service network which integrates health care services with the public services.  Its plan is to involve more teachers, students and volunteers to provide more thorough health care services to the nearby community.  In addition to the regular classrooms, there are several classrooms equipped with assistive tools to create accessible space and clinically simulated labs.  Large amount of expense has been invested on the equipment with the purpose of providing an excellent learning environment for the students.  Other than the medical and nursing fields, the vision of Department of Biological Science and Technology, Department of Beauty Science and Department of Food and Nutrition is to cultivate full-scale health care professionals for the society.
“Licenses First, Employment Next” is the slogan that has been put into practice.  In order to carry out the slogan and to promote the Ministry of Education's project, called the “Technological & Vocational Education's Last Mile Program”, many curricula is being offered to the students.  For instance, Medical Beauty Nursing curriculum and other related curriculum are available for the students so that students can have competitive advantages after they graduate.  Graduates from MeiHo University not only have high employment rate but are being recognized internationally.  The University realizes that there is always a shortage of nurses in the United States and believes that it could be a great opportunity for students. Thus, emphasis has been put on cultivating students' language abilities so that they can prepare to take the RN exam in the United States.  The nursing program of MeiHo University can be seen as a short cut to become a RN in the United States.
. To focus on multicultural development and concern for minority groups
There are a great variety of ethnic groups in Pingtung County including Hokkien, Hakka, aboriginal, foreigners such as English teachers and immigrant spouses.  Besides professional skills, students will be given the chance to develop humanitarian concepts and morality.  Compassion for others and good moral character as a lifestyle will be promoted.   The school leaders describe the concrete plans of implementation by:  realization of the rich culture of Taiwan, promotion of the cultures and features of every tribal group in Taiwan, and development of new immigration cultures, etc. In addition, activities related to advanced local tribal cultures are held periodically by the Multicultural Society Development Center founded by the school.
Due to an increasing number of immigrant spouses in the Pingtung area, the exchange students studying in MeiHo, Vietnam spouses and children in Neipu are invited to meet together at the Multicultural Society Development Center.  Language classes including English are available to improve the communication of local and global cultures. At the same time, structural curricula and teams are provided for foreign spouses to take part in setting up the life-long learning system and also progressively educate children of immigrants to understand the identity of both of their mother nation's culture and Taiwanese culture to strengthen cultural consciousness and personal development.
. Connecting with international academics & promoting international visibility
   To address the challenge of globalization and connect with international academics, the school has developed an e-learning platform for English teaching and learning and implemented English remedial instruction to improve students' English proficiency. In addition, MU takes on an increasingly active role in exploring academic collaboration. To carry out the mission, the school has established formal academic relationships with prestigious universities and colleges around the world for international academic collaborations. By the same token, we invite foreign scholars and students to MeiHo in the hope that their presence here will enhance the global-awareness of our staff and students. As globalization of higher education is a trend, the school also provides international exchange programs for international degree-seeking students to study at MeiHo. To date, the school has achieved remarkable success in this program, since there are many international students from Mozambique, Vietnam, Panama, the USA, Czech Republic and other countries pursuing higher degrees at MU.
   At present, Vietnam has been the focus of international collaboration for MeiHo. We have established substantial partnerships with universities in Vietnam, including Vietnam Citizen Economics University (VCEU) and Hanoi Medical University (HMU), and Ho Chi-Ming Medical University (HCMMU). The school also aims to strengthen MeiHo's academic partnerships with well-known universities abroad such as Illinois College, Western Kentucky University, and University of Belize.
   To promote the quality of teaching and research, MeiHo has conducted many international conferences and seminars on healthcare practice and on nursing education. In addition, the school has established regional healthcare cooperation partnerships in Southeast Asia, and held a three-week training course for clinical practice and trainings with the cooperation of Singapore Central Hospital in 2003.
   We are proud to report that MeiHo has been authorized by the Prometric International Testing Center (PITC) to establish the only international certificate center in the Pingtung area. This center has also been authorized to hold IT/IS professional certification testing including Microsoft Certification, CISCO Certification, Linux Certification, SUN SCJP and more. With the certification services, students and residents in southern Taiwan will have more opportunities to obtain international licenses for a better career for their future.

    MeiHo strives to become a globalized University and to create a new culture with an equal emphasis on academics and research, which will allow the school to forge ahead with enthusiasm.

updated 2014/6/27