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 Title:Staff and Job Description

  Secretary General

 Mr.Rong-Jye LiuRong-Jye Liu

  Job Description 

 1. Controlling and assessment important


 2. Checking official documents.

 3. Handling public relations.

 4. Handling confidential and important matters.

 5. Coordinating office matters.

 6. Serving as media spokesman.


 Tel  +886-8-7799821   Ext. 8102

 Fax  +886-8-7789837

 E-mail  secretary@meiho.edu.tw


 Miss Hui-Chen TuHui-Chen Tu

  Job Description 

 1. Managing the funds and the allowance.

 2. Arranging the meetings and recording the progress

    of policy decisions from

    the meetings.

 3. Dispatching articles for news releases.

 4. Handling other tasks as assigned.

 5. Assisting in public relations work.


 Tel  +886-8-7799821   Ext. 8103

 E-mail  x00001583@meiho.edu.tw


 Miss Lin-Yao "Ann" Kuo 

  Job Description 

1. Dispatching and filing official documents.

2. Notifying members of major meetings and arranging the

   meeting agenda.

3. Editing the official calendar.

4. Updating and maintain website information of 

   secretary office.

5. Assisting in public relations work.


 Tel  +886-8-7799821   Ext. 8104

 E-mail  x00001688@meiho.edu.tw