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The Meiho University Department of Hospitality Department strives to prepare students for the hospitality industry professions.  Our education philosophy is to promote student employability, career endurability and global mobility.


When the student studies in hospitality, we design the courses with practical and theoretical hospitality skills to progress from novice to expert.

   2. Career Retention and Endurance

      We have regular classes and also provide a series of overseas courses ; for instance, a study group that discuss hospitality and overseas internship club (international customs, habits and language srtength are main activities in this club ) and plan a lot of extracurricular activities like hiking or jogging to strengthen students' patience and physical strength , then culture self-studying ability for the base on career endurance.

   3.Global Mobility

       Culturing students' global mobility is our main goal. We offer professional skill and foreign language courses to strengthen students' global mobility. Fourth year (Second year of two-year college ) we plan an internship course with the hospital industry, the students are divided into domestic or foreign cooperant hospitality industry; for instance, Singapore Four Seasons Hotels, Hilton Hotel & Resorts, Conrad Hotels, and Jumbo Group of Restaurants. DepartmentofHospitalityManagement頁面插圖

Address: 23 Pingkuang Road、Neipu、Pingtung、Taiwan 91202

TEL: 886-8-7799821#6601     FAX: 886-8-7784898  

Email:hm@meiho.edu.tw      Office: (SC606)



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