Academic Vice-President, Ching-Chuan Chen

Academic Vice President


Ching-Chuan Chen, Ph.D.








       B.S. Agricultural chemistry, National Taiwan University

       M.S. Chemistry, South Dakota State University, U.S.A.

       Ph.D Food Science, Cornell University, U.S.A.



Professional Experiences:

       Teaching Assistant ,South Dakota State University ,U.S.A.

       Teaching Assistant ,Cornell University ,U.S.A.

       Associate Professor ,Department of Food Science , Tunghai University

       Founder and Chairman of Aquaculture Analysis Service Center



Current Position:

       Professor ,Department of Food Science and Nutrition




       Research and development of new products, Feed formulae design

       Food and Feed analysis, Trace elements analysis

       Health food formulae design, Research Interest

       Plan and design of laboratory, Trace elements analysis

       Drug residues analysis, Amino acid analysis

       Saccharides and organic acids analysis, Feed quality control

       Special nutritional components analysis





  1. Determination of total flavonoid content in propolis by two complementary colorimetric methods (2002)
  2. The study of antimicrobial activity of raw propolises from different produced country (2002)
  3. The application of capillary electrophoresis to the determiantion of the freshness index of royal jelly (2001)
  4. The criteria to evaluate the efficiency of ODS column of HPLC (2000)



BOOK and thesis in last five years:

  1. H.M. Wen, J. Lin, J.C Chern. Quality Survey of Commercial Capsulated Fish Oil and Vitamin E Products. Bulletin of NPUST. 7(2)125-132 (1998)
  2. A.Lee, H.M. Wen, J.C. Chem, J. Lin, W.I. Hwang. The Application of Capillary Electrophoresis on the Characterization of Protein in Royal Jelly. J. of Food and Drug Analysis. 7(1)73-82(1999)
  3. C.C. Chang, H.M. Wen, J.C. chem. The Criteria to Evaluate the Efficiency of ODS Column of HPLC. Bulletin of NPUST. 9(2)117-124 (2000)
  4. A. Lee, M.I. Yeh, H.M. Wen, J.C. chern. The Application of Capillary Electrophoresis to the  Determination of the Freshness Index of Royal Jelly. Taiwan J. of Agr. Chem. And Food Sci.39 (1)69-75 (2001)
  5. C.C. Chang, M.H. Yang, H.M. Wen, J.C. Chern. Determination of Total Flaconoid Content in  Propolis by Two Complementary Colorimetric Methods. J. of Food and Drug Analysis (2002)
  6. S.H.Fu, H.M. Wen, J.C. CHern, W.I. Hwang. The Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Raw Proplises from Different Produced Country. Bulletin of NPUST. 11(3)161-177 (2002)
  7. Chia-Chi Chang, Lai-Chuan Chang, Tzong-Shean Chin, Hwei-Mei Wen and Jiing-Chuan Chen,  Determination of residues of malachite green and its metabolite in Tilapia fish with liquid  chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. (2005)
  8. Chia-Chi Chang, Lai_Chuan Chang, Hwei-Mei Wen and Jiing-Chuan Chern, The Sensitive Liquid    Chromatograph Tandem Mass Sqectrometric Method for the Simultaneous Determination of the    Metabolites of Nitrofuran in Eel. (2005)
  9. Su-Hsiang Fu, Lai-Chuan Chang, Hwei-Mei Wen and Jiing-Chuan Chen. The residues analysis of    synthetic antibacterial drugs for eel exported to Japan. (2005)
  10. Su-hsiang Fu, Lai Chuan Chang, Wen-Ing Hwang, Hwei-Mei Wen and Jiing-Chuan Chern. The      sensitive and Rapid Liquid Chromatograph Tandem Mass Sqectrometric Method for Determination the Chloramphenicol Residue in Eel. (2005)        



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