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     Meiho University – Taiwan, international students' forever

unforgettable home. 

Hello everyone, I came from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to take the programme of Master of Health Care in Meiho– in  Taiwan 

In my opinion , Taiwan is a beautiful island.  The culture and the weather are almost the same with my country. Since I came here to study, I felt that, this island not only have a beautiful scenery , but also the people here are very kind too . Therefore, Taiwan becomes my second hometown very naturally, and MIT (now MU) turns out  my warmful  family in Taiwan.

MU is located in the Southern of Taiwan, this area has a very beautiful beach and mountains, so that the students can go out to travel around at weekend. In my view, MU-Taiwan is providing a good environment for students to study, with strengthened training staff and perfect teaching equipments. And the more important is the educational goals of MIT-Taiwan are to train students on professionalism, humanitarianism and globalization. Moreover, there are a lots of international activities organized for us to have a chance to share our own culture , and this activity is to promote the  international cooperation in the international education community.  

  During the time I am doing my study  in MU – Taiwan, although I have to study hard, I still felt very happy and warmful  because of the genuine concern and support from the professors and friends. They are always willing to help the international students and encourage us not only with our studies but also with the troubles of the daily life, and this lets us just feel like family.

      And Last but not least, I want to give my special thanks to all of my honorable professors and the lovely friends in MU- Taiwan, who always encouraged and supported me during my time here.          

        I love Meiho – beauty with manners, benignity with diligence

        Forever unforgettable home – Meiho.  

                                                                Vietnamese Graduate Student

                                                                     Lam Le Trinh   2011/2/14 

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