Staff頁面插圖Name:Chao-I Hsieh
  Ext.8130  E-mail:x00003035@meiho.edu.tw 
      • Supervision of all related accounting affairs
      • Planning and supervision of the operation of Accounting Office


Staff頁面插圖Name:Yun-Min Shih   
  Ext.8133  E-mail:x00009138@meiho.edu.tw
      • Subsidy control and expense write-off 
      • Managing accounts for Home Care Center 
      • Budget outlays, budget review and budgetary control 
      • Compilation of annual report and filing annual income tax return 
      • Printing tuition & fees payment invoices and managing billing account

Staff頁面插圖Name:Che-Chen Chang
  Ext.8134  E-mail:x00009468@meiho.edu.tw

      • Budget control and expense write-off for National Science Council projects,
        MU project Plans and Academia-Industry Cooperation projects 
      • Bookkeeping and billing account management 
      • Compilation of budget reports 
      • Managing accounts for nursery school and other interim affairs

Staff頁面插圖Name:Ching-Han Weng
  Ext.8132  E-mail:x00001543@meiho.edu.tw
      • Preparing income/expense vouchers and Maintenance of accounting documents 
      • Budget control and expense write-off for collaboration between industry and school 
      • To assist the compilation of budget reports and annual report 
      • Compilation of fund statistics report 
      • Other interim affairs

Staff頁面插圖Name:Mei-Fan Yang 
  Ext.8131  E-mail:x00005038@meiho.edu.tw
      • Campus budget management 
      • Budget control and expense write-off for Extension Education Center 
      • Compilation of annual report 
      • Printing, sending and controlling of the receipts 
      • Filing and organizing incoming/outgoing documents and web management 
      • Webpage Maintenance