•   The interdisciplinary business graduate program at Meiho University was established in 2004. In order to foster professionals in the business-related fields, this program promotes international joint education with an emphasis on cooperation between the industries and academia.
  •       We have had international students from the all over the world, including USA, Czech Republic, Mozambique, Vietnam, and more. During the first year of the program, the international student class is taught in English due to their limited Chinese language ability, although in the meantime there are Mandarin courses to international students as to strengthen their knowledge of Taiwanese culture and values, including the language itself. Though local student classes are conducted in Chinese language, they are strengthened with English courses, also. In the second year, foreign students and local students mix together in a class that has English and Mandarin instruction. This technique is being used with a number of universities in Taiwan, and it has been proven to be very efficient as international students gain from local students and vice-versa, therefore even if our University located in a rural area, we still have international learning environment.
  •       In the year of 2007, we set up an EMBA program and an offshore program in Vietnam 


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