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Educational Distinctiveness of Department of Nursing

Educational goals

The courses are designed to encompass the three major fields of medical system in addition to the cultivation of competent students in providing emergent inpatient nursing care and the managerial proficiency in communal preventive healthcare and aftercare. The distinctive features of the education of this department include:

1. Integrating humanities, professional theories and professional knowledge in the curricula.

2. Applying instructional strategies and approaches to enhance student capability in critical thinking and problem-solving.

3. Emphasizing the combination and application of both theory and practice to address to local district demands.

Curriculum planning

This department has designed the curricula based upon the following principles:

1. Generality: Emphasizing upon humanities to broaden student vision and general literacy, such as in natural science, history, philosophy, arts, languages, sociology, and environmental health.

2. Practicality: Integrating three-tier nursing activities with logical thinking through core courses and complying with local specialties of the industry through clinical experience and school instruction.

3. Progression: designing integrated curriculum for core courses and relevant subjects in accordance with student background.

4. Diversity: Designing diversified course options to meet student interest and specialty.

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