IT Certifications - Information Technology Expert

        If you only had an academic diploma, it would not be enough for long-term job security in the highly competitive real world.  How can you demonstrate your IT (information technology) skills and excellent knowledge?  Take the IT license exams!

        The Department offers various courses for our students to pass the expert exams.

        In Meiho, we support and hold many specialized license exams, including domestic and international recognized ones.

        The Institute is the authorized by the Computer Skill Foundation as its Techficiency Quotient Certification test center.  It is the test Center of Prometric as well.   Thomson Prometric offers an array of services to its academic clients.

ITE professional certification


    Why should I take the exams?

    1. To distinguish yourself! You can demonstrate an undeniable expertise in the IT field.

    2. To get long-term job security and an extra credit when applying for a higher education in Taiwan.

    3. To give you the priority to apply for the substitute military service if male students have an IT expert license.

    4. To win a scholarship as the Institute rewards its students for passing licensure exams.

    5. To broaden your job opportunity as a professional license is a criterion for outsourcing of government and  
        company information systems.

     Join us now !    


Sun Java professional certification


Microsoft certification


  l   References

  n  You can call the Department at 08-7799821 ext. 141 or 143 for more detailed information on licensing



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        n   Domestic:

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 u   104 Education Website:http://www.104learn.com.tw/104learn.htm 

  n   International:

 u   Microsoft:http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/default.mspx

 u   LinuxRHCE:https://www.redhat.com/training/rhce/courses/

 u    Cisco:http://www.cisco.com/

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