All along, the Department has been committed to the mission to become the top educational and research information management institution in the region, while at the same time striving to attain high class standards. We have created a disciplined and intellectually inspiring environment in which competent information manager are trained, quality research studies carried out and professional knowledge accumulated. Our research goal has kept the faculty's research progressive, robustand dynamic.




        In the last three years, our staff members have published a total of 12 articles in domestic/international journals, presented 53 domestic/international conference papers, one domestic monopoly and technology transfer, and written or edited 0 books. We have participated 105 distinct conferences and 139 person-times. There were a total of 3 research projects funded by the National Science Council and the total allocations a mounted to 1.68 million NT Dollars, 4 research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and the total allocations a mounted to 5.13 million NT Dollars, 2 research projects funded by the Council of Labor Affairs and the total allocations a mounted to 1.00 million NT Dollars, and 8 industry-university cooperativere search projects and the total allocations amounted to 410 thousand NT Dollars. 

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