Dr. Chung, Shao-Hsi ,  Assistant Professor

PhD of Business Administration (Major in Accounting), National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan)

email: x00003166@meiho.edu.tw  

Specialized fields:Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Management, Business Valuation and Merger, Financial Investment

Shean-Huei Lin  

o     Current PositionChair Professor

o     Education & MajorThe University of Iowa, Doctor of Philosophy

o     Past ExperiencesPresident, National Pingtung Education University

o     Specialized fieldsOrganizational Communication & Human Relationship

o     Organizational Theory and Management

o     E-mailx00000019@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8727



Kuo-Hung Tseng.

o     Current PositionChair Professor

o     Education & Major Doctor of Vocational Technical Educational Administration

o     Past ExperiencesUniversity of Northern Colorado, Chairman of IT & Director of HRD departments. National Kaoshiung Normal University; Research Evaluation Committee Chair of Vo-Technical Education Division, National Science Council; Vice President, Meiho Institute of Technology

o     Specialized fieldsHuman Resource Management, Research Methods, Knowledge Management

o     E-mailx00000003@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8515.8777



Chien-Chung Lin

o     Current PositionProfessor

o     Education & MajorTexas Agricultural & Mechanical University, Department of Industrial Education, Ph.D.

o     Past ExperiencesChair, Department of Industrial Technology Education, National Kaoshiung Normal University

o     Specialized FieldsKnowledge Management, E-Commerce & E-Business, Digital Learning

o     E-mailx00000011@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8547



o     Current PositionAssociate Professor 

o     Education & MajorOregon State University, Civil Engineering, PhD

o     Past ExperiencesChair & Director of Business Dept. & Graduate Dept of MBA

o     Specialized FieldsProduction Operation Management, E-Commerce

o     E-mailx00002051@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8545


Hsiao-Tseng Lino     Current PositionAssociate Professor 

o     Education & Major: PhD, Naval Post graduate School Engineering Acoustics

o     Specialized FieldsNumerical Analysis, Business Management

o     E-mailx00002108@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8140


Chih-Shing Tauo     Current PositionAssociate Professor & Director of .Information Managment

o     Education & MajorPhD, Engineering Science (Computer Group), National Chen Kung University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

o     Specialized FieldsComputer Programming

o     E-mailx00002087@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8660

Ching-Hsien Soong.

o     Current PositionAssistant professor & Deputy Director of Department of Business Administration

o     Education & MajorChemical Engineering PhD of Lehigh University in U.S.A.

o     Specialized fieldsProject ManagementLogistic ManagementEnterprise Resource Planning

o     E-mailx00002144@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8532


Chiou-Shu Justina Hwang.

o     Current PositionAssistant professor & Library Dean

o     Education & MajorEmporia State University Emporia Kansa, USA. Library and Information Management

o     Specialized fieldsPerformance ManagementBusiness Ethics

o     E-mailx00002163@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8150

Ming-Hsiu Liu     

o     Current PositionAssistant professor

o     Education & MajorBusiness Administration. The Catholic University of Honduras, Honduras

o     Specialized fieldsAcademic affairs and student affairs management Business Administration and ConsultationMarketing ManagementInternational enterprise

o      E-mailx00002059@meiho.edu.tw

Wei-Shuo Loo     Current PositionAssistant professor

o     Education & MajorPhD Candidate at Department of Information Engineering, I-Shou University

o     Specialized fieldsSupply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management

o     E-mailx00002134@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8500


Chin-Sheng Lino     Current PositionAssistant professor

o     Education & MajorPhD. in Political Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand

o     Specialized fieldsCross-Strait Issues, Taiwan's Democratic Development, US-Taiwan-PRC Triangular Relationship, Mandarin

o     E-mailx00002117@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8298


Sheng-Chieh Wu.

o     Current PositionAssistant professor

o     Education & MajorDepartment of Harbor and River Engineering National Taiwan Ocean University P.O.BOX

o     Specialized fieldsManagement, ERP, SCM

o     E-mailx00002176@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8126

Ching-Chih ("Bard") Wen.

o     Current PositionAssistant professor

o     Education & MajorDoctor of Business Administration, Southern Cross University.

o     Specialized fieldsMarketing Management, Service Management, Marketing Strategy and Practices

o     E-mailx00002206@meiho.edu.tw

o     TEL886-8-7799821ext.8532




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