Introduction頁面插圖  Introduction

According to the organization of school administration, our unit is under General Student Affair in which classified as second tier administration unit. This unit is responsible for developing the sport activities, maintaining the sport facilities and was in charge of other duties related to sport campaign. The purposes for setting up this unit are to improve the quality of sport activities while emphasizing the safety of using the sport facilities, to promote the physical fitness for all students and employees along with encouraging them to participate the sport regularly. A manager and a staff are in charge of all the duties mentioned above.


The indoor sport facilities include the Badminton Court, Aerobic/Gymnastic Room, Table Tennis Court, Dancing Floor, Archery Range, Golf Court,Floor Excises Room and Swimming Pool. For the outdoor sports, there were 3 Basketball Courts, 3 Volleyball Courts  where provide the excellent sport environment for students, faculties and the communities.


We are relentlessly promote the campaign in developing “whole being wellness” as our ultimate goal, not only improving the basic physical fitness for our students, but also providing versatile physical educational courses, and adding more sport facilities. Therefore, we hope we help to contribute in improving the quality of life for our society by organizing multipurpose sport programs which students can enjoy the physical activities in their everyday lives for the bodies and souls.



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