The Graduate Institute of Health Care is located on the

     seventh floor of Health Care and Biotech Building (G 7F).



Educational Space

    E-Teaching Classroom (G713)

   Graduate Student Laboratory (G706)

   Discussion Room (G714G706)

   Faculty Office (G715)


Hardware Equipment

     Personal Computer (PC) 6 sets (in 2007)

Personal Computer (PC) 7 sets (in 2006)

Personal Computer (PC) 7 sets (in 2004)

Videotape Recorder 1 set

CDW Burner 1 set

DVD-R Burner 1 set

Liquid Crystal Overhead Projector 1 set

Wireless Microphone 1 set

      UBS, 256MB 1set1GB 1set

      Recording Pen 1 set

      Digital Camera 1 set

      Laser Printer 2 sets

      Notebook 1 set




Software Equipment

   SPPS 12.0 Advanced Model

   SPSS 12.0 Regression Model

   SPSS 12.0 Base

   SPSS 12.0 Trends

   SPSS 14.0 Base

   NVIVO 7



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logo of graduate institute of health care

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