Teaching facilities


The teaching facilities were subsequently upgraded and expanded from 2007. Except the hardware equipments for the teaching and research purposes of teachers and students, most hardware equipments are computers. Currently, every teacher has a dedicated computer. The software equipments include statistical analysis software, healthcare information system, and other couse-related teaching equipments. The department purchased a set of healthcare information system in 2007, a set of statistical analysis software (SPSS14.0) and a set of structure equation model (Amos 7.0) of statistical software in 2008. In this year, a set of customer relationship management software and a set of health management system were installed as well (under a NEW 4R: To Establish a New Health Management Model of the Elderly project). In 2009, SPSS Base 17.0 multi-langulage edition, SPSS Advanced model 17.0 chinese edition, and Regression model 17.0 chinese edition were purchased. And, hospital integrated management information system and server was purchased in 2010 and healthcare management system was purchased in 2011. This will be very helpful in the practice teaching of some related courses.


In the tangible benefits, the teaching facilities will be upgraded which is in accordance with the requirement for the evaluation. Through the purchase of teaching facilities, the practice teaching wrok, such as health data treatment, healthcare mechanism, customer care, marketing management, customer analysis, product analysis and management, activity management, customer data management and academic research, in the department can be improved.


In the intangible benefits, the students' learning interest, the teaching quality, and the students' learning efficiency will be improved and the practice handling capability of students in specialized fields will be enforced as well. And, it will help the students to establish their sense of employment confidence and accomplishment. In the future years (102-103), the department is planning to purchase health promotion management related teaching equipment and upgrade facilities in order to continuously enrich the teaching and research energy.


The department currently has the hardware and software equipments described as follows:

(1) Health Management Information Classroom: A classroom which can contain more than 60 students and 60 sets of personal computers (including health business and medical institution related medical information systems and SPSS 17.0 software, and so on)

(2) Multifunctional Classroom: A professional classroom that can contain more than 60 students.

(3) Health Promotion and Health Environment Functional Classroom: In 2009 and 2010, the department co-worked an integrated research project with the Department of Information Technology and developed the “Medical Physiological Signal Management System” (Society Safety Care and Service System) which can measure physiological signals including the blood pressure, the pulse and the blood sugar values by a physiological blood pressure meter and transfer these values to a computer system (including other measurements by pedometer and wrist-type blood sugar meter). This system is also installed in this room for teaching purposes.  

(4) Consulting and Discussion Functional Classroom: a classroom contains 6 personal computers, 1 projector, 2 whiteboard, 1 screen and provides a schoolwork consulting and research project discussion place for students.

(5) Multimedia audio-visual professional classroom: A professional classroom that can contain more than 120people

(6) E-classroom: Three classrooms are all equipped with e-systems, including computers, internet, microphones, video projectors, etc.



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