■The Departmental  History
     To meet the rapidly increasing demand of beauty care, makeup, and beauty consulting professionals in the changing society and to provide further study opportunities for high school and vocational school graduates,the  Department of Beauty Science at Meiho University was established on August 1 1998. indebted to the strong support from former president /regent Mr. Sing-Tsun Whin and former president Mr. Dong-Sen Chen. The Department was evaluated as a firrst note depantment by the Ministry of Education in November 2001. The educational mission of the department is to equip the student with overall professional beauty care knowledge and skills. The core programs are skin care and body care related courses including practicums and they are supported by makeup and overall design related courses and practicums. Currently there of study are four years Bachelor program, two years Bachelor program, and two years Associate Bachelor program

■The Development Background
     The intermeniary educational program in the field of beauty care started from the year of 1973. Since it has met the demand of the developing society, the study programs of beauty care and hair care and design at high school level vocational school nation wide have been well accepted. However, after thirty years of educational development, there is no higher- level educational program to prepare the beauty care professionals to face the rapidly changing challenges of the society. the field of beauty care is closely related to human physiology and psychology. A good beauty care professional should not only understand the basic theories and practices in the field but should also poses adequate medical knowledge in order to provide complete professional services and to teach the  consumers some correct beauty care knowledge. Recently the competition in the beauty care business has been growing. The educational levels of the consumers are getting higher and higher. The only way to earn consumers' trust is professionalism along with good quality service. more over, marketing, beauty care merchandise, and business strategy are parts of the beauty care business. The professional beauty care business and other related services are growing. In order to provide the well-educated professionals to meet the beauty care business demand, the Department of Beauty Science at Meiho University was established.   

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