In order to provide the students with practical learning experience and develop the program characteristics, the Department has arranged several practical training classrooms, including skin care classroom (with skin consultation room),body care classroom (with aroma therapy &SPA room), makeup classroom, overall design(including hair styling) classroom, and classroom kitchen. The Department also has a beauty care shop/hair salon for students' practical training. The department library and beauty care research lab are used for teaching and research activities. The chemistry lab, physiology lab, and biochemistry lab located in the Fundamental Medicine Building are also available for teaching and research. The computer labs provide various softwares for teaching. The distance learning room is used for video aided teaching or as seminar/conference noom.


In the summer of 2006,the construction of a brand new 10-floored Medical-nursing-biotech

building is finished. the Department of Beauty Science moves to the 8th floor of the alove 

modern building. The new era is coming.The Departmental office and all kinds of

facilities including classrooms for applied technologies such as skin care studio, body

esthetics studio, modeling studio, clinical beauty care laboratory, fashion design

studio, make-up studio, beauty science research center and laboratories, and mini-library

are well set up in many different spaces.

                                                                                                      updated 2016/2/1