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          Features of The Extension Education Center(EEC

    The major goals of the EEC of Meiho University are to serve the people in the community with the school's resources and to help the enterprises and individuals develop their skills and knowledge.  Likewise, people in the community can have the opportunity to learn openly and freely.  And share the research results achieved by our students and faculty.  By our efforts, we will try our best to construct a learning community. 


We have a variety of courses available to the public.   Divided into credit programs and non-credit programs.  We provide credit courses offered by different departments, for example, 80 Credits Program by the Department of Social Work, etc.  In addition, we the following training programs.  

l      Vocational Training for Caregiving, Training for Skill Testing of Caregiving.

l      Vocational Training for Child Care Giver, Training for Skill Testing of Child Care Giver.

l      Vocational Training for Beauty Care and Hair Style Designing.

l      Vocational Training for Body Care and Hair Style Designing.

l      Vocational Training for Cooking.

l      Vocational Training for Baking of Western-style Pastry.

l      Vocational Training for Computer and Internet, Tax Agent Training Class, Symposium on

     Wound Care, Easy Foreign Languages Learning. etc.


The major duties of the EEC of Meiho University are:

1. Operation of various kinds of vocational training upon request of the government and/or the businesses.

In order to offer the service to the unemployed.   We will operate vocational training courses at different levels upon request of the government and/or the businesses.  We can help promote the quality of manpower and economic development.  By enhancing the employees' professional abilities, skills, and second specialty, they can intensify their competitiveness.

2. Credit Certificate Issuing System with Quality Guarantee

For the students of the credit programs.   If they successfully completed a course,then they are qualified to apply for credit certificates.  The credit certificates, waive academic credits when they enter the regular programs at the university.

3. Open up the channels for the public to get bachelor or master's level credits.

Offer bachelor or master programs for the public who are in-service. For those who joined the programs and passed the examinations, we will issue them credit certificates.  In the future, they can attend the open screening to get their bachelor or master's degree officially.