Email Account Usage Policy | .Computer lab usage policy

.Email Account Usage Policy
  1. New students will receive notification of their email accounts from the computer center 2 weeks after the start of the term.
  2. Change your password once you have obtained your account. Remember your password.
  3. Never give out your password, and do not allow anyone else to use your account.
  4. If you forget your password, bring your ID to the computer center to reset your password.
  5. Email usage must comply with the campus network regulation.
  6. Use of account to send advertisements, anonymous email, or viruses is prohibited.
  7. Use of account for illegal purposes is prohibited.
  8. The computer center is responsible for terminating accounts for students who violate the policy. Students will face disciplinary action in accordance to the school code.


Computer lab usage policy
  1. No food, drinks, water, or unrelated items in the lab for cleanliness and safety reasons. Violations will result in a warning and dismissal from the lab.
  2. Please present your student ID upon entering the computer lab.
  3. Priority for computer use in the lab is given in the following order: academic work, activities for student associations, and personal use.
  4. Any problems should be addressed to the lab proctor. If a proctor is not available, contact the computer center at ext 162. Students are responsible for the full repair cost of any damages resulting from inappropriately using or disassembling the computer, and they will also face disciplinary action in accordance to the school code.
  5. Leave your personal belongings in the storage at the back of the computer lab. Do not use any books or items to occupy a computer. These items will be removed by lab proctors, who are not responsible any missing personal belongings.
  6. Take your personal belongings with you after class. We are not responsible for any missing personal belongings.
  7. Please pick up your trash before you leave.
  8. Computer lab hours:
    Monday-Friday: 8:00 ~ 21:40
    Saturday: 8:00 ~ 18:00
    Sunday: 8:00 ~ 18:00



Update:February 8th,2011

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