Student Association AIM

The mission of the AFL Student Association (SA) is to enhance academic research practices. Students can cultivate their autonomy, understand modern English education and establish relationships between teachers and students by holding various activities. The SA also holds seminars and activities on topics related to career planning. Every student in the AFL Department is a member of the Association and has the following obligations:


     1. Must obey the rules and the resolutions proposed by the association and has the obligation
         to assist the activities organized by the association.

     2. Members must pay the membership fee.


The rights of members

     1. Right to vote, to be a candidate in the student association president election and the right
    to recall incumbent presidents.

     2. Right to join every activity held by the association.

     If students do not pay the membership fee, they will not enjoy the rights that come with being a member. The Member Assembly holds the highest authority in the student association, and its members consist of all the members of the SA. The SA has a president and a vice-president. The secret ballot election for the president is held during the second semester of every academic year. Each presidential candidate chooses his/her running mate, and elected presidents/vice presidents have a term of one year.

Student Association activities




                                              Manager:Department of Applied Foreign Languages
                                              Address:23,Pingguang Rd.,Neipu,Pingtung,Taiwan,ROC