Due to the dynamic changes in the academic environment and the preparation of becoming an university of science and technology, the 2007-08 school year focuses on the following:

  1. Increase and broaden recruitment by mobilizing both students and teachers from all departments/majors to participate in recruiting activities. 
  2. Discuss and adjust departments/majors according to the society's demands and students' future.
  3. Improve administrative computer system to achieve an appropriate universal system for school-wide use. 
  4. Complete Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and forms for all academic affiar related administrative work..
  5. Promote "One Stop Service Window" to accomodate all academic matters for students of daytime and continuing education program.
  6. Actively restructure cirriculum design and establish standards in cirriculum planning. 
  7. In order to increase students' satisfaction towards school's administration, AAD will focus on customer service and service quality.
  8. Promote e-learning to develop the school's uniqueness.

MU's Academic Affairs Division is composed of four sections:

I. ADMISSIONS                                                              contact information: +886-8779-9821 ext 8199

  • to handle the advertisement of student recruiting                                email: x00005039@meiho.edu.tw
  • to introduce of the schools and departments. 
  • to manage entrance examinations, and selections.

II. REGISTRAR                                                              contact information: +886-8779-9821 ext 8181

  • to establish information of incoming students                                     email: x00003041@meiho.edu.tw
  • to establish information of study suspension and expulsion
  • to establish information on the retention of admission qualification
  • to manage and review course enrollments, to maintain academic records
  • to print and check transcripts, to review graduation qualifications
  • to issue diplomas
  • to issue notices of study resumption and admission
  • to change personal data
  • to maintain academic records for common subjects

III. CURRICULUM                                                         contact information: +886-8779-9821 ext 8184

  • Course Management: Add / Drop / Withdraw coursework                    email: x00010290@meiho.edu.tw
  • Examination Services
  • Course Scheduling for Daytime and Continuing Education
  • Management of classrooms and facilities
  • Monitor Attandance Records

IV. FACULTY DEVELOPMENT CENTER                        contact information: +886-8779-9821 ext 8196

  • School journals and newpaper publishing                                           email: x00010473@meiho.edu.tw
  • Multimedia Education
  • Teaching and Learning surveying
  • Lower-level students and Peer Tutoring Program

Last Updated: 2013.10.31