The Supplementary of Continuing Education provides the practical training courses to the general on the weekend in to improve the students' professional knowledge and to fulfill the educational policy of the continual adult education. It is specifically designed for adults and working population in meeting their needs. To incorporate with

the government of educational strategies for the “lifelong education” and “adult education”, as well as to organize

the system of continuing education, all the courses are designed based on practical and creative knowledge. Therefore, the Meiho Affiliated College of Continuing Education -MACCE was established in 1996, and then 5 years later in 2001 was established the Meiho Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education -MAICE.



 Recruiting Guideline 



Future Outlook

1. To meet the needs of students with various backgrounds, courses are selected based on each individual intellectual level and interests. The diploma is issued in accordance with the major/department that has provided.

2. To develop the on-line courses and the distance education step by step in the near future.