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Extension Education Center Director

Name: Wang, Cheng-Long


Wang, Cheng-Long Photo
Responsibilities1. To combine and arrange the business of extension education center.
2. To coordinate and communicate with other units.
3. Discussion and the signing matters concerned to each kind of classes. 
4. To inspect the attendance of each kind of classes.
5. To control the expenses of each kind of classes.
6. To plan and work out each type of classes.
7. To compose and process official documents. 
8. To handle the business the higher authority turns then over.

Administrative assistant

  Lin,Hui-Chuan Photo


1. To control and verify each kind of expenses, to manage and enroll articles

    and properties.
2. To categorize, deliver as well as archive official documents and files.
3. To manage and maintain the expenses and properties systems.
4. The business related to extension education.  
issuing of the Certificates
6. Collection of tuition fees and signing of receipts.  
7. The application of the teaching salary of each kind of classes.  
8. To manage of the revenue and expenditure of charge d'affaires fees, to

     storage and   provide the checks.  
9. The manufacture and release of the advertisements for enrollment.
10. The business related to
auditing courses.

Administrative assistant
Name: Huang, Pei-Yi
Huang,Pei-Yi  photo


1. The cooperation and communication between internal and external units.
2. The execution of the business which other units turn them over.

3. To compose the authorized programs and execute the related business.

4. The execution of the business of the credit programs.
5. To arrange the teachers of each class and work out the curriculum plans.
6. The distribution of handouts, management of teaching aids and collection

   of teaching materials.
7. The collection of laws and regulations.

8. The application of the teaching salary of each kind of classes.

9. To compose, archive, arrange and take care of the official documents.

10.To design and plan the website, as well as renew and maintain it.