History of Social Work Department

The department of social work was founded by former Vice President Dr. Chen Yu-Chia in 2005 . The purpose of this department  is to educate  social work practitioners that  can promote the quality of social work in Southern Taiwan. This department has  been  offering one day  class of undergraduate technolgical course  and  one second years continued course in 2005. Except increased classes automatically in 2006, 2007, there were new courses of one four-years professional course , one two-years day section course as well as one two-years continued course had been provided for students and expected to receive the students that are of a total of 500. It is expected that the students will be about 550 in 2008.


The department  focuses  its unique  ness on social work teaching research and service work It educates the practitioners of social work and eudeavors to carry on the social work professional research . This department intends to coorprate with institutions,  public sectors, private sectors and community promotion centers to offer various services, to organize different kinds of domestic and international seminars and activities .Inviting excellent scholars to lecture at MIT, Taiwan,the department creats a very good situation of interchanging coorperation in acadamy and  in practice in domesticity and overseas maddition to normal course teaching.  There are many  faculties and social pactitioners  that have doctorate degree working at this department.  D rawing  professional efficiency, we expect that students will carry out their achivement in the field of social work. 



Educational concept

1.  To  balance the development of professional Social work needs in the north and  in the  south.

2. To combine the Department of Nursing Care and  the Graduate School of Health Care to cultivate the research practitioners of  general social work and medical social work.

3. To develop community care and  the health community promotion project to emphasize the importance of localized development and to combine the local unique needs.

4.To offering opportunity for the workers of social welfare institutions to study in order to raise their service quality in southern Taiwan and to improve various welfare for  local vulnerable groups.

5. To promete the social welfare institutions' quality of manpower in their serving vulnerable groups.


 In order to educate social administrotrs, clinical social workers and

project managers, this department aims at achieving the following goals:


1. To cultivate some sensitive social workers who have the insight to reflect the need of people living in remate areas. 

2. To offer a perfect environment that is composed of professional teaching and theorized research performed by experienced scholars who are capable of to cultivating the practitioners of clinical social worker in criminal justice.

3.Provide full basic training and practice to perpective national class project managers who can meet the trend of internationalization.




Unique features

1. To educate social workers that are familiar with the theory and practice in the field of clinical social work.  

2. To educate social workers that are able to provide communing care to vulnerable groups, aged people, foreign spouses and aboriginals.

3. To plan important education for social workers in practice and in resources integration, and students will be trained to plan the proposal, to work with community and to experience the practical outcome of achieving team co-operation.

4. To promote and to work with welfare institutions and research departments in the scheme of co-operation and research in Taiwan and in overseas. 

5. To promote the extensive course and to offer the opportunity of studying and training for the needs of the staffs of relevant institutions in Southern Taiwan.



About my staff

The Department of Social Work is a leading provider of undergraduate social work education. Currently, it has 14 full-time teaching faculty members working corroboratively to offer high quality courses which meet the requirements specified by the Ministry of Education.


Outline of research

The education of developing social work and research outline in this season

1.    The research on children welfare

2.    The research on juvenile problem

3.    Disaster social work research

4.    Clinical social work research

5.    Aged care

6.    Long-term care

7.    Social work with minority group

8.    Aids disease

9.    Social work with drug abused

10. The management of non-profit organization

11. Community promotion