Our Academic Research Achievemuts



1.Volunteer management and supervision(2006) 

2.Rescued social work and trauma(2006)

3.Nonprofit organizational management and supervising modle(2006)

4.A series professional seed teacher training information of rescued volunteer(2006)

5.Nonprofit organization management and supervision model seminar(2006)

6.Seminar of professional manager training on homes for children(2007)

7.Seminar of quality promotion training on homes for elderly(2007)

8.Seminar of cultivating manpower for elderly people(2007)

9.International conference of health and social care(2007)

10."Happy life"- multi-care models applied in homes for elderly(2007)  

Volunteer Management-Lecture Papers

1.The promotion and planning of PingTong county voluntary service

2.The managemet and supervision of aged consultive volunteer

3.The modle of voluntary service in supervisory management

4.Voluntary service supervision and management(Garden of heart foundation)

5.Report of community voluntary service

6.The promotion and management of disaster preventive volunteer

7.Voluntary service supervision and management in students extra curricalum

8.Voluntary supervision and management is aged care visitation

Rescued Volunteer-Lecture Paper

1.Introduction of sex aboused preventive intervention and family violence in  Pingtong


2.Disaster social work and trauma seminar

3.A research of preventive aged trauma stress possibility in cognitive education

4.The management and evoluation of disaster crisis

5.Sand play therapy and trauma intervention

6.Utilizing relizious care in trauma social work

7.Talk about adjustment of parents emotion by case of family emotional trauma