Career Planning and Alumni Service Center

Our Center consist of three major functions, namely Career Planning Alumni Service, certification and licence Services Section. The goals aim at providing updated information on job. Licence, opportunities and market trends, improving in-campus student's competitive strengths from all aspects. We also design, manage and operate diversified activities associated with alumni services.

Career planning has been one of the major tasks. We help students to strengthen their competitive edge in job-finding by “obtaining professional certificate”. Outstanding performance has been recognized and subsidized by National Youth Commission and Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training.

  • To bridge and meet the demands and requirements between course work and job markets.
  • To strengthen job obtaining capability of youth.
  • To provide recruiting service and career planning assistance.
  • To conduct in-campus job fair
  • To assist obtaining vocational/national certificate and/or national examination.
  • To administrate students' scholarship of vocational certificate.
  • To construct and maintain students' academic and professional records, interaction with updated information routinely.
  • To promote UCAN platform.

Great performance and outstanding social participation of our Alumni have long been recognized.

  • To assist, design and promote Alumni activities.
  • To conduct campaign of outstanding Alumni.
  • Job experience sharing and invited lecturing from Alumni.
  • To assist Alumni scholarship application process.
  • To maintain Alumni records.
  • To proceed Alumni tracing and employer satisfaction survey.

Assist national test and licence certification affairs from CLA 

Assist collective test affairs relative to professional/specilist verification and validation processes.

C job fair and job matching             C job fair and job matching


C Learning with e-platform           C Licence skills certification


CMs.Chen was awarded in the 19thmedical C Ms.Chieu was awarded in the 14th

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