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  (1)   Program description

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is to provide students with a broad background in general business and management. To meet the demands of dynamic business environment, the Department of Business Administration emphasizes theory and practice in cultivating future manager and business leaderships. The Vietnam-Taiwan cooperative BBA programs are conducted by associating reputable Vietnamese universities, such as FTU, HUI, NEU etc. with MU-Taiwan. This program focuses upon four disciplines (human resource management, financial management, e-Commerce, and marketing) to develop students' basic skills, expand their ability to understand complex business situations, and direct them to achieve a high level of professional business skills.

(2) Course curriculum  

  • Graduation requirement for the 4-year program: 128 credits.
  • Graduation requirement for the 2-year program: 72 credits.
  • Courses arrangement sequence may be adjusted(Details of programs and graduation requirement please see DBA Curriculum Planning.)

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(3)Financial statement and scholar assistantship

  1. Tuition fee of the program is subjected to be announced 
  2.  Dormitory fee is subjected to be various depending the duration of stay and type of dormitory that student select.  Average dormitory fees range from USD 250-350 per semester and USD 20 per week.
  3. Several assistantships and scholarships may be available for outstanding students.  Students can apply and be approved by competitive basis.

(4)Campus and Living Environment


Meiho University(MU) was established in 1966 as the first privately funded college of nursing in Taiwan. The campus is located in peaceful, rural, southern Taiwan, near Kaohsiung (Taiwan's second largest city). The weather here is hot and humid in summer but mild as regulated by the ocean in autumn and winter.



The dormitory is available for every international student. The dormitory, Chih-mei-hsuan is located by south campus which features 12 floors comprised of suites, each room equipped with a bathroom. Chih-ho-hsuan is located at the south campus. There are several lounges in the center for entertaining guests, studying, relaxing or watching TV. Each floor contains a laundry area that includes both three washers and one dryer. Our residence halls are also very safe and, in fact, provide the safest environment in the area.



The new MU Library showcased in April 2007. The new library has three floors, which includes Multimedia desk, Current Periodicals, Multi-lingual Learning Center, Instructor's Area, Meeting Rooms, Study Rooms, Rare Collections Area, Meiho Archives, and WebPAC Area, which is composed of 59 computers.

The library does not only serve the on-campus readers, but also is open to the community. The 100% coverage of wireless and the diverse accesses of information are attractive to both of the on-campus readers and community. Furthermore, the mixed atmosphere of academic and leisure style is appreciated by all kinds of readers.

The library collects titles of various fields and subjects, such as nursing care, healthcare management, business administration, financing, early childhood education, information management, applied foreign languages, beauty science, and recreation sports and wellness promotion. The number of collection increases at an average of 10,000 titles annually, with a current total of 200.000 titles.


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