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Introduction to the AFL

  This department was established in 1999.


  Traits of our department

  “Business/Leisure English” and “Multimedia English Teaching” are the two main development
  goals of our department. We integrate classes with licenses, cultivate a basic knowledge
  English listening and speaking skills in our students, strengthen the professional and practical
  aspects of our training, and finally, integrate English with business, the leisure industry and the
  IT industry to ensure a good supply of English-capable talent for these industries in the future.



  The AFL Department currently has 15 full-time faculty members, including one
  foreign teacher. Their fields of expertise include English teaching, making
  multimedia English teaching materials, online English teaching, business
  English, news English, English and American literature, linguistics and
  translation. The teachers have also obtained many English teaching licenses to
  further improve their teaching capabilities.  

  Teaching facilities

  Software: Free online mock English exams, English learning websites, online reservation
  system for English consultation.
  Hardware: Foreign language self-learning center, multi-national language area (total of nine
  languages), Foreign language digital resource and education center (under construction).



                                              Manager:Department of Applied Foreign Language
                                              Address:23,Pingguang Rd.,Neipu,Pingtung,Taiwan,ROC