Our Services

1. Setting, planning and implementing the life guidance policy.

2. Student's loans, scholarships, and charity foundation for emergency uses.

3. Students' conduct monitoring and freshmen training orientation. 

4. Campus neatness management and campus security.

5. Application of truancy, unpaid leave, sick leave, official leave forms and settlement of bonus-penalty and students conduct.

6. Dormitory affairs assistance.

7. Plan and advocate education of living, law-related education, security education and moral education.

8. Students' campus life assistance.


1.2008: Traffic Safety Education Reward of MOE

2.2009: Morality Education Reward of MOE

3.99 academic year: First Class in National Defense Education & Safety Campus of MOE

4.2011: Demonstration School of “No Smoking Campus” in Ping-Tung County

5.101 academic year: Morality Education Grant of MOE

6.101 academic year: The Third Place of National Echinacea Drive Video Contest


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