Curriculum Features


Integrating educational goals and tourism training programs, the curriculum includes two modules--hotel and travel industry, and tourism industry.  The curriculum integrates the courses of medical beauty tourism, marine tourism, eco-tourism, religious culture tourism, Hakka culture tourism, and aboriginal culture tourism to cultivate students' tourism professional knowledge and expertise.




Required Course

Selective Course





Travel Itinerary Planning and Design

Travel Groups Operating Practices

Aviation Passenger and Ticket

Hospitality Management Information System

Travel Industry Management

B & B Management

Hotel Management

Hotel Development and Planning

Housekeeping Practices

The Travel Dispute Case Analysis



Tourism Industry


Outdoor Recreation

Conference and Exhibition Management

Club Management

Tourism Marketing Practice

Medical Beauty Tourism

Gaming Practice

Food Culture

Community Culture and Tourism

Marine Tourism

Commentary and Guide Practices

Operation and Management of the Theme Park

International Etiquette

Geographic Information System

Tourism Administration and Regulations

Tourism Entrepreneurship and Management

Summary of Tourism Resources


Tourism Psychology and Behavior

Tourism E-commerce

Tour Guide and Leader of Practice



Tourism Japanese I & II

Exhibition English

Tourism English I & II

Hospitality English


English-Speaking Tour Guides

    Gaming Experiencing                                            Welcome Party Activity

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