Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Director 


MU President
Ching-Chuan Chen, Ph.D.
■ PHONE: +886-8-7783428
■ FAX:+886-8-7789837




Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Dean


StaffMembers頁面插圖Ron-Chuen Yeh, Ph.D

Tel:+886-8-7799821 ext. 8145



Handle the business of the Department
Development of the revised international exchange at the organizational rules
Planning and supervision of international exchange at the business
Schedule of amendments
International exchange at the funds budget
Participate in international exchange of relevant meetings
Planning the implementation of the Ministry of Education and University cooperative projects

Responsible for the coordination the NTU units of international cooperation and related business.
Dealing with our foreign universities, sister schools, and collaborative industries 
Cooperative Education business office with our foreign manufacturers.
International academic research, technology exchange and cooperation and other administrative business office.
Responsible for liaison and reception work of our foreign guests.
Assist in international seminars and other preparatory operations office units.









Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Assistant








Administrative Assistant              Name: Miss Aya               Extension: 8144


Services     (Speaks Mandarin, Japanese and English)

Check official documents, send and receive IEC email, handle budget provision, control, reporting and payment Mainland students and overseas Chinese affairs, Admission consulting services for foreign students, tuition and fees by installments, the residence permit application, sent for immigration clearance, NHI additional insurance surrender roll-out and a monthly payment, work permit applications,  School basic database reporting: March and October, The Chinese web update management and the latest news, Reception university-level foreign guests (Public, itinerary and accounts write-off) Apply for the continent short-term exchanges related issues, Handled foreign education exhibition matters, and other matters as needed.

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Assistant


Administrative Assistant       Miss Nancy Lee 

Name:            Extension: 8177     (speaks Mandarin and English)

E-mail:  ./

Prepare official documents, and check, send and receive IEC email
Prepare international academic exchange contracts and collect international academic exchange contracts 

Make arrangements for foreign travel and assist the reception of foreign visiting dignitaries
International cooperation plan and improve foreign language skills plan and
Assist overseas internship program application
Handle the related matters of outstanding students overseas camp
Compile international students in English Admission Guidance Handbook Handle scholarship affairs for foreign students at the school
Apply for the fund management of the Department
School database reporting: March and October
Update English webpage management and add the latest news

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Assistant:   Miss Caroline Liu


Specializes in Cross-Strait relations with China and other Asian countries

(Languages:  Chinese and English)

extension 8739     email:



Mrs.Sandy Haggard, English Secretary for the MU President

Lecturer in the Department of Hospitality Management, and an American who has lived in Taiwan since 2004. 

(Duties for International office:  Update English website, edit English materials, write speeches for administrators)

She is on the left in the picture of Vietnamese students making pizza at her house.


Ext. 6603 (only English)  e-mail:


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