University of Technology Institute of America and the aims of education and basic livelihood skills and supporting measures


First, the goal of school education
1. Specialization
Master labor market information, training students the ability to work with a solid, learning ability and creativity to meet workplace needs, or engage in R & D and management to promote national industrial upgrading.
2. Round of
Through teaching, and invisible mold and warm care, healthy personality development, so that students not only have the ability to work professionals, social responsibility, both social, as well as with the humanistic quality of the intellectuals.
3. International
In response to the inevitable international trend, students should have a global village based on quality, strengthen the international language skills, increase awareness of the international community to understand the international political and economic development, and then with the international competition.


Second, the livelihood of the people the vision of college education
Hospital hope to grasp the trend of social and educational environment, uphold our international, all-round educational and professional objectives of, and integrate the school cum in agronomy and related professional School, students have the macro-thinking, global perspectives and the humanities and social ability to integrate the science so that students with diverse ability, health and vitality, expertise and services to people with mental attitude, become a flow of talent. Specific educational vision of the Court as follows:
1. According to "the United States and courteous, and while eager to learn" the beauty and spirit, combined with people's livelihood and technology, training conservation professionals with humanities.

2. With our business vision, the establishment of practice and practical technology-oriented college.
(1) Professional - license first, giving priority to employment

(2) round of - cultivation of innovative talents and leadership
(3) International - to enhance foreign language ability and international competitiveness
3. To the United States and the campus sports new five-lun "SMART" as the framework for the service (Service), mercy (Mercy), enjoy (Appreciation), respect (Respect) and tolerance (Tolerance) for the structure, foster good moral character of students.

Third, people's livelihood objectives of college education
Hospital with our business vision and the school development plan and in response to social and industrial development trends, and cultivate a global vision, professional knowledge, innovation and leadership and service attitudes, both theory and practice of modern professional service personnel.
So cultivate ideas and goals, hospital specific development objectives are as follows:
1. Towards an industry-oriented characteristics of colleges and departments.

2. Planning theory and practice courses to upgrade the competitiveness of students in the workplace.
3. Training with the human virtue, the spirit of innovation and service attitude and professional talents with international perspective.

Fourth, people's livelihood Institute core competencies
1. Basic communication skills (Chinese and foreign language).
2. IT capability.
3. With diverse expertise.
4. With learning and the ability to adapt to social change.
5. Has the leadership ability of communication and coordination and cooperation.

6. Has the innovation and planning.
7. Has the practical service skills.
8. Workplace ethics and attitudes.
9. A global outlook and world view.
Fifth, people's livelihood indicators of core competencies College

1. Chinese and foreign language proficiency test.
2. IT capability test and certification.
3. Professional competence test and certification.
4. With learning and the ability to adapt to social change.
5. Multi employability.

6. Professional career internship situation.
VI, counseling support measures
(A) College undergraduate courses will be given school, the hospital setting and interdisciplinary core curriculum based on teaching learning process as the focus, in addition to basic science and strengthening students improve their language skills, teaching methods supplemented Program, to guide students recognized aptitude to meet the diverse needs of society to learn the relevant knowledge, can be put into service to the workplace after graduation and to enhance their employability and competitiveness.
(B) Our ability to test mechanism of the core, except with the courses (credits) the assessment, graduation threshold, and other mechanisms to obtain licenses, and through academic learning, learning resources, learning early warning, learning counseling, career counseling, counseling certificates and industry internships and other mechanisms to assist students to achieve (see below).
(C) College to provide the students before graduation indicators and core competencies to achieve the above the graduation threshold, and through verification mechanism, except in accordance with relevant regulations of the school counseling students, and strengthen the following remedial measures:

1. Strengthen Guidance obtaining licenses
(1) Through the cooperation with relevant professional associations, sports and leisure related licenses for the exam.

(2) counseling students in related courses with the relevant license exam.
(3) After the establishment of examination according to classes, counseling students to participate in the relevant certification exams.
2. Professional Practice Guidance

(1) Forum matches internship, internship experience sharing forum.
(2) mentors on-site visits, mentors and internship experience record of records.
(3) signed with the practice of various sports-related industries contract to provide various choices of students according to interest.
3. Academic counseling system

(1) to encourage students to ask questions the teacher tutoring time
(2) select the best guidance for students as a school teacher to help solve homework problems

(3) Network assisted instruction system to provide students with extra learning channels
4. Monograph
With the project work, by the instructor and the instructor for the past four years with the help of the students to use science, through research reports, technical reports and project design, etc., for the special issue of livelihood of industry practice to enhance professional knowledge and practice of students experience.