FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q&A頁面插圖How can I get to Meiho University?

Q&A頁面插圖Transportation by car

1.       Take Southbound National Highway No.3 (Formosa Freeway) and exit at the Linluo Exit.

       Then turn left and travel on to Provincial Highway No.1 until you reach MU in Neipu. (about 15 minutes from 

       the exit).

2.    From Pingtung City, take southbound Provincial Highway No.1 until you reach MU (about 25 minutes).

3.       From Kaohsiung City, take Expressway No.88 and exit at Jhutian Exit .Then go to Provincial Highway No.1.

4.       From Kaohsiung City, take Provincial Highway No.1 via Pingtung city to Chaojou exit.

       There are bus services to Neipu from Pingtung City and Kaohsiung City, and train services from major cities.

       The High Speed Rail is an affordable fast option from Kaohsiung to major cities such as Taipei.

 Q&A頁面插圖Can I open a bank account in Taiwan? What are other banking services?
 Q&A頁面插圖Banking Services

The following information is provided by the Bankers Association of the ROC for reference. Detailed information is available at individual banks.

1.   Opening bank accounts When opening a bank account, foreigners should present a valid passport and an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).Those without an ARC should first apply for an “Identity (ID) number basic information certificate” at the Police Department nearest to their residence.

2.     Application and usage of bankcards

2.1 After opening a bank account, foreigners may present a valid passport and the original signet/chop (or signature)

used to open the account to apply with the same bank for a bank card [also called “FISC card” which is issued by

all banks and post offices with the coordination of Financial Information Service Co. Ltd. (FISC), Taiwan's national

operator for interbank information network services.]

2.2 The bank card can be used for withdrawing cash and transferring funds via the automated teller machines

(ATMs) in the Republic of China (ROC). Most ATM's have an English option.

2.3 Cash withdrawal limits: The daily limit is NT$30,000 (The limit is NT$ 20,000 when using ATMs owned by

other banks for cross-bank services). The total amount of withdrawals is limited to NT$100,000 in a one single day

by most banks.

2.4 Fund transfer limits: except for when a higher amount is set by the bank and the cardholder when applying for

the bankcard, fund transfers are limited to NT$ 30,000 each time. When a cardholder sees the need for a higher

transfer amount, he/she should first sign an agreement with his/her bank to set a ceiling. But the maximum amount

should not exceed NT$ 2 million per transfer. (The daily transfer limit is set by individual banks.)

2.5 Card loss: When a bank card is lost, the customer may use the 24-hour automatic phone voice service to  report the

loss and immediately freeze the account (to prevent unauthorized cash withdrawals or fund diversions by someone who may have found

the card). The customer then should  go to the card-issuing bank during office hours to file a written report to temporarily freeze the

account and apply for a new card.

2.6 Card replacement fee: Each bank may charge a fee when a customer applies for a bankcard, reports a loss of a card, and applies

for a new card. Check with each bank for the amount of the fee.

3.     Automatic collection/payment services:

People who have already opened deposit accounts or savings accounts may present the original signet/chop (or signature) used to open the accounts and a photocopy of a payment slip to apply with the same bank for services to pay public utilities fees for water, electricity, household natural gas, phone bills, etc. (Upon agreement, the bank will automatically make deductions from the accounts to pay the fees for the customers, who will receive only receipts from the utilities companies later on.)

4.     Foreign exchange services:

When making foreign exchange transactions, foreigners should present their passport or ARC to the designated bank branches 

that are authorized to offer foreign exchange services. Each bank will charge service fees for purchases and sales of foreign 

currencies as well as for mail or telecommunication costs.

5.     Foreign currency deposits: 

When in need of opening foreign currency deposit bank accounts, please follow the same procedures as those of opening Taiwan 

currency accounts as explained in Item (1) above. The rules for foreign currency transactions are the same as explained in Item (4)


 Q&A頁面插圖How can I apply for telecommunication connections such as telephone and Internet services?
 Q&A頁面插圖Telephone and Communication

1.      Local Calls

When applying for a local home phone, you will have to present your personal identification, including Alien Resident Certificate, passport or driver's license, at local Telecom Service Centers in person, accompanied by a Taiwanese native guarantor (ID Card and Health Insurance IC Card required). When making a local call, simply dial the local exchange and the subscriber's number.

Local Call Center: 123

2.     Long Distance Calls

When making a long distance call, be sure to dial “0” and the area code first, and then the subscriber's number.

For example, from Taipei to Kaohsiung, you have to dial 07+xxx-xxxx. For more information, please visit:


3.     International Calls 

3.1 You may directly dial an international call as follows: International Prefix Code (009 or 002) + Country Code +

Area Code + Telephone no. For example: from Taiwan to New York in the U.S.A., you may dial 009 (or 002)

+1+212+xxx-xxxx. The initial “0” of the area code is usually not required when dialing international calls.

For example, Tokyo's area code is “03”, then, you only have to dial “3”.

3.2 Operator Toll Dialing Service: 100

3.3 Take note of country codes, time difference and rates guide:

3.4 Call Center: 0800-080-100

4.  Paying Your Telecom Bill

4.1 Your telecom monthly bill can be paid at the following places:

4.2 Telecom Service Centers

4.3 Banks and post offices

4.4 Convenience Stores: 7-11, OK, Family Mart, Niko Mart and Hi-Life

4.5 Account Transfer by ATMs

4.6 Internet (http://hineteng.hinet.net/product.htm)

4.7 Phone Banks (Voice Payment): dial 412-1111 for service

4.8 Emome Paying by automatic transfer through your bank or postal account is the most convenient method.

4.8.1 For Billing Questions: 123

5.  Mobile Calls

5.1 When applying for a mobile phone, you will have to present your personal identification, including Alien   

Resident Certificate, passport or driver's license, at Service Centers in person, accompanied by a Taiwanese 

native guarantor (ID Card and Health Insurance IC Card required).. When making a mobile phone call, simply

dial the 10-digit number. Example: 09xx-xxx-xxx

5.2 Call Center: 0800-080-090

5.3 For more information, please visit: http://www.cht.com.tw/CHTFinalE/Web/Personal.php?CatID=695

6.  Other Services

6.1 Local Home Phone Repair Service: 112

6.2 English Speaking Directory Assistant: 106

6.3 Internet Yellow Page: http://www.eyp.com.tw

6.4 For further information, please visit: http://www.cht.com.tw/CHTFinalE/Web/

7.  Customer Service Toll-free number:

7.1 Chunghwa Telecom: 0800-080-090


7.2 Taiwan Mobile: 0809-000-852 http://www.twngsm.com.tw

7.3 Fareastone: 0800-035-550 0800-035-550 http://www.fetnet.net/servlet/ContentServer?c=Page&t=efnHomePageT&pagename=@eFETnet/Page/efnHomePageT&cid=1118627852869


7.4 TransAsia: 0809-008-188 0809-008-188 https://wwwesc.tat.com.tw/English/index.asp

7.5 KG Telecom: 0800-000-938 http://www.kgt.com.tw

Q&A頁面插圖 How can I apply for a Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)?
Q&A頁面插圖 Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

1.     Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at Foreign Affairs   

Section of Ping-Tung Immigration Office (ADD: No.185, Zihli Rd., Pingtung City; TEL: (08 )7216665

(08)72166657215417), within 15 days of arriving at Taiwan.

Foreigners may stay in the ROC as long as the Alien Resident Certificate remains valid.

2.      Documents & Fee Required for Alien Resident Certificate Application

2.1 An application form

2.2 2 photos (only needed for the new ARC applicant--2”, white background, showing ears, taken within 3 month

2.3  The original and one photocopy of the passport & resident visa. The original will be returned after verification.

2.4 The original and one photocopy of the Student ID (or admission letter for the first time).

2.5 Application fee: NT$1,000 per year

2.6 Working days required: at least five (5) working days

Attention: The applicant shall apply for extension within 10 days prior to the expiration of a visitor visa.

Q&A頁面插圖How can I apply for insurance? 
Q&A頁面插圖 Insurance

All international students are required to join the Students Group Safety Insurance (NT$ 300 per semester) and the

National Health Insurance (NT$749 per month).

The National Health Insurance will become effective after international students have been issued the A.R.C.

for over 4 months.

The National Heath Insurance will allow you to obtain covered medical services from NHI-affiliated hospitals and


To avoid wasting medical resources, you are responsible for the registration fee and co- payment.

Insurance Policy Regulations

1.       International students applying for first-time enrollment should submit an application to Committee for 

Academic Research and Cooperation, along with a copy of their Alien Resident Certificate.

2.       Students leaving Taiwan (R.O.C.) after terminating the academic study ought to apply for the termination of  

NHI and pay the fees of national health insurance as well.

3.        International students who will be staying in Taiwan (R.O.C.) after the termination of academic study,

should applyfor a NHI rollout transfer and submit the Transfer Form to the local government office for continued coverage under NHI.

4.         Foreign students planning to leave Taiwan (R.O.C.) for a period of time longer than 6 months should

apply for NHI Suspension. The insurance premium won't need to be paid during this period. Foreign students must

apply to reinstate the NHI upon returning to Taiwan. If the trip is shorter than 6 months, the NHI suspension will be terminated and

payment for unpaid premiums be required.

You can get more detailed information at MU's Health Division. (7799821, extension 8226 or 8554)

Q&A頁面插圖 How can I apply for a Work Permit?
Q&A頁面插圖 Work Permit

1.    Work permits for foreigner

1.1 Application: Foreigners who meet one of the following qualifications may apply for an employment permit  with the CLA by a employer with related documents. Foreigners meeting one of the conditions stipulated in subparagraphs 1, 3, or 4 may apply individually: (from the Employment Service Act, Article 51)

1.1.1 Refugees being granted residence.

1.1.2 Those who have been permitted to be employed in the ROC continuously for 5 years, have an address and have demonstrated appropriate behavior.

1.1.3 Those living with blood relatives of direct lineage who have a household registered in the ROC.

1.1.4 Those having obtained a right of permanent residency.

1.2 Required documents

1.2.1 Application form.

1.2.2 Photocopy of passport.

1.2.3 Photocopy of front and back of Alien Resident Certificate (or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate).

1.2.4 Original postal remittance receipt itemizing examination fees paid.

1.2.5 Photocopy of employment contract. (Not required for those who file their own applications.)

1.2.6 Photocopies of company manager's identification, company register, commercial registration certificate, factory registration, special business permit, etc. (Not required for those who file their own applications.)

1.2.7 Other related documents: Depending on different categories of status: Refugees: Photocopy of Refugee Certificate. (Not required for non-refugees) Foreigners having worked in Taiwan continuously for five years: Original of resident certificate from the last five years. Photocopy of work permits from the prior five consecutive years. Foreign spouses or foreigners living with blood relatives of direct lineage who are a part of a household registered in the ROC: Original household register transcript of blood relatives with whom the foreigneve live that is issued within 3 months.

1.3 Work permits

1.3.1 Applications filed by employers:

1.3.2 The maximum duration of the employment permit is three years, after which, employers who need to continue the employment should apply at the CLA to extend the work permit with the previously examined documents up to 60 days before the expiration of the permit. The permit for employment can be extended for one year.

1.3.3 Those changing their employers during the term of the permit must reapply.

1.4 Those applying individually:

1.4.1 The term of the work permit is restricted to the term of the resident permit. Foreigners should apply for an extension before their work permit expires. First, apply for residence extension with the appropriate governing agency and then present documents to apply at the CLA to extend the work permit.

1.4.2 After such foreigners are issued a work permit from the CLA, they are not restricted to any particular employment during the term of the work permit and, if they change jobs, do not have to reapply for a new permit.